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Refit Team

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Wickes - Refit Team are proud to present a music festival in aid of


The charity event will take place on the 14th September 2024 at Ye Old Windmill, Windmill Lane, Gentleshaw, Rugeley, WS15 4NF, and will consist of 7 live bands and artists, with food and drinks available throughout the day.

Click the links below for Wickes social media.



BEANIE BOY are a Wolverhampton based clothing brand, producing a huge range of hats including Beanies, Bobble Hats, Slouch Beanies, Homemade Beanies, Trucker Caps, Dad Caps and Snapbacks.  BEANIE BOY also stock Hoodies and T-Shirts. 

BEANIE BOY are proud to be offering a Special Edition The Brain Tumour Charity Beanie in conjunction with the WICKES- Refit Team.  This Special Edition Beanie is available in four colours, with the profits going to support The Brain Tumour Charity.

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